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Ransomware Resource Center

Research, resources and expertise for a proactive approach to ransomware risk

Ransomware Resource Center

Companies aren’t defenseless. Armed with the right knowledge, preparation, tooling and expertise, companies can get ahead of adversaries before they strike.

Attacks will continue to surge through 2022. Ransomware groups are changing tactics for higher success rates and professionalizing "big-game hunting" for larger payouts.

This report expores the impact of ransomware on small to large-sized enterpries, including organizational readiness, supply chain risks, extortion tatics and payments.

CBI's monthly Threat Intel Report is produced by our Threat Intel Group—a critical component of CBI’s Managed Security Services. The monthly Threat Intel Report keeps organizations abreast of what’s new on the cyber attack scene by covering emerging trends, updating on major breaches, and touching on important vulnerabilities.

CBI’s Emerging Threat Services help identify weaknesses before your organization becomes vulnerable. Our expert team of threat hunters live on the frontline of cybersecurity and can help your organization combat emerging threats and guard valuable corporate assets.

Comprehensive visibility into your organization’s attack surface is critical to cybersecurity success. We offer Advanced Testing Services that leverage Red Team strategies combining automation, sophisticated manual techniques, and the latest tools available to identify security weaknesses in your environment and evaluate your defenses.

Webinar: The Cost & Consequences of Ransomware

Ransomware's devastating impact on business has compounded as threat actors have adopted new high-pressure coercion tactics. Companies are experiencing more attacks than ever, yet little progress has been made in mitigating the consequences of these threats.

Emerging Threats

Identify weaknesses before your organization becomes vulnerable.

CBI, A Converge Company, balances tactical and strategic evaluations to categorize vulnerabilities and weaknesses into an organizational threat scorecard, executive summary, and action plan to increase your overall threat score. Our custom approach addresses the full spectrum of recent developments that can put you, your company, and your employees at risk.


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