Defend your remote team,
your customers and your data

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With more employees working remotely than ever, executives are concerned about fending off cyberattacks and ensuring system performance, all while defending employees, customers and data. A Remote Access Assessment from CBI can help companies to: 

  • Understand the risks of remote access
  • Ensure best practices are being followed 
  • Validate the effectiveness of your current controls
  • Identify scalability and licensing concerns
  • Provide recommendations to make changes quickly 

For the last 30 years, CBI has helped organizations to create defensible cybersecurity positions. Let us help you make sense of the noise and get your team back to business with a Remote Access Assessment.

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Article: Six Ways to Mature Your EDR Program from End to End

A modern Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) program can instantly improve your security posture. CBI's Dan Gregory dives into six tenets to follow to take your EDR program to the next level.

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Article: Email Security Best Practices for the Remote Workforce

During times of uncertainty, we've seen an increase in email-based cyber attacks. CBI's Dan Gregory provides a refresher on email security best practices to defend against phishing and similar cyber threats.

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Article: End User Security - Six Steps to Success

At a time when the workforce has gone completely remote, end user security has become a critical priority. Senior Security Strategist Dan Gregory presents CBI’s top six recommendations for individuals and organizations to ensure end user security.

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