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Incident Response & Ransomware Resource Center

Nearly 80% of senior IT and IT security leaders believe their organizations lack sufficient protection against cyberattacks.
— IDG Research “Cybersecurity at a Crossroads: The Insight 2021 Report”

Incident Response and Ransomware Resource Center

Effective cybersecurity requires proactive prevention strategies to be combined with incident response readiness. Motivated attackers will find a way in; the damage they cause depends on your level of preparation.

CBI’s IR team continues to address evolving Hafnium-related threats to protect customers across a variety of industries. Here are our top takeaways from recent engagements, and recommendations for the future.

By boosting your incident response planning and preparation, you are strengthening your company’s security posture and ensuring a return to business as usual ASAP should an incident occur.

If your organization hasn’t experienced ransomware yet, it is probably just a matter of time. Attacks jumped 485% in 2020 as we expanded connectivity during the pandemic. What can you do to protect your organization?

Working with CBI for Incident Response is like having a trusted partner on standby. We help you reduce response time, minimize the impact of a breach and recover faster.

We evaluate your event monitoring, threat intelligence and incident response capabilities, and provide actionable recommendations for improvement that enable you to detect and respond to security incidents with confidence.

CBI’s Ransomware Assessment helps identify weaknesses in your security program and advance your ability to prevent, detect and respond to ransomware attacks.


Ransomware and Incident Response Readiness: Best Practices for Success

Despite numerous warnings and high-profile data breaches, the state of cybersecurity readiness is dismal. Watch CBI Senior Vice President Shaun Bertrand highlight the latest ransomware trends, cyber insurance concerns, and the steps you can take can take to protect your organization with proactive prevention strategies and incident response readiness.


Incident Response Services

CBI’s on-demand and subscription-based IR services are designed to protect assets, mitigate risk, and facilitate compliance.


Our Incident Response Retainer is a subscription-based service that provides access to a team of trusted experts with a variety of offerings in tiered response plans. Included with a retainer is an Incident Response Readiness Assessment that enables us to develop an accurate picture of where you stand and provide actionable recommendations for improvement. Service level agreements (SLAs) include rapid response times, and unused hours can be rolled over into alternate projects or services.


CBI has been on the front lines, responding to security incidents for over 15 years. We have seen what fails and what works, and we apply this knowledge along with best practices to help your organization take decisive action and minimize damage. We offer 24/7/365 support through a global emergency hotline. After an initial phone consultation, CBI experts begin working with you—on-site or remotely—within hours. As part of our efforts, we roll out key technology that promotes the effective triage, remediation, and restoration of environments.


CBI supports critical digital forensic needs. We provide a physical examination of affected systems, and complete digital evidence reporting to uncover what did or did not happen. We establish a timeline of events using a combination of computer forensic expertise and traditional investigative techniques, facilitate eDiscovery collections, and help you take the necessary steps to ensure data is not destroyed.

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